About me

Making the Grades
When I was a kid, I never fully realised that I was different from other children. Other kids stayed in one place. I spent my childhood in three distinctly different environments. Other kids went to school. It was always the same school and the teachers all spoke the same language. I went to several schools and the teachers spoke German, Danish or English.
Even so, school was boring. So while the teachers stood in front of class and explained the same things over and over again, I spent my time writing stories. My classmates liked my stories. During recess I would read them aloud. 
It was only natural that I would study arts and language when I grew up. I made my grades on the beautiful campus of Aarhus, Denmark. After eight years of study I was allowed to put the titles "Cand. mag. et exam. art." (comparable to the English MA "Master of Arts") under my name on the business card. Later, I studied journalism, too - as well as a few other things. But finally, like everybody else, I had to go out, face the real world and earn my own money. 

Writing words and playing music took me from Denmark to Thailand and finally back to Germany, where I was born. I live close to the border in a little town with two hearts, two languages and two cultures, just like me. So it is only natural that I speak, write, translate and play music in two or three languages every day.

Right word at the right time
Diversity is my trademark. In the world of words I am pretty much at home everywhere. As a textmaster I don't have many limits and I am proud of that. As a human being I have been around for some time and I have seen some things. It takes a lot to surprise or even upset me. At best you will have me shaken but definitely not stirred. 
I believe, that this range of experience reflects in my body of work, too. I love to change personality on behalf of my job. I have been a town's President and Mayor, I have been a young thailady, an old esoterics guru, a famous musician and a sports medic. Not to mention a female professor of physics. 
Remember, the right words at the right time can move mountains! Words hold the power to start wars, and the power to stop them. They are also a way to communicate the greatest force of all - human love and compassion. 
I would be glad to help you find the right words for your mission. In that sense - may the force be with you