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Art of Ghostwriting

The right mission
As I  strode into the mayor's office, the man behind the huge teak and mahogany desk hardly noticed me. His secretary silently handed me the papers and that was it. Nobody moved. 
"Don't you want to tell me what I should do and how you want it done?" I finally asked.
The mayor raised his eyebrows just a millimeter or two. Thus lifting the skin of his upper eyelids just a trifle above the pupil, I was in his line of sight. Probably he could now see most of my head over the rim of his paper.
"Nah... I know it'll be allright"
he said.
Not much of a story, you will say. And you are right. But I will never forget that day. Because what you don't know is that the mayor wanted me to write an extraordinarily important speech for him in two languages. The papers that his secretary had given to me contained his clues. Later, when I came home, I opened the folder and looked at the sheets. There was nothing written on them. A mistake? 
No. The man just had perfect confidence in me and my work. In his mind there was nothing to worry about, as long as he had me to do the job for him. Sure thing - a clean sheet meant a lot of work for me. It didn't bother me though, because I was going to bill him. 
But by then - if not earlier - I knew I had chosen the right mission in life.

Right on target
To me ghostwriting means having the responsibility for getting your message in the right shape and right on target. I do not interfere with idea or contents, that is your baby. If you want my opinion, you can have it. But you will take the responsibility as well as the fame. I will take care of the text. 
You decide whether it is going to be a biography, an advertisement, a nonfictional work, a novel or whatever else. 
I don't have many restrictions about subjects and mission objectives. I can write on any subject, because you are the expert, you see. Whenever there is something I do not understand, I will ask you. You will explain and then I can phrase it so it gets through to everybody. 

Right word at the right time
Diversity is my trademark. In the world of words I am pretty much at home everywhere. As a textmaster I don't have many limits and I am proud of that. As a human being I have been around for some time and I have seen some things. It takes a lot to surprise or even upset me. At best you will have me shaken but definitely not stirred. I believe, that range of experience reflects in my body of work, too. I love to change personality on behalf of my job. I have been a town's President and Mayor, I have been a young thailady, an old esoterics guru, a musician and a sports medic. Not to mention a female professor of physics. 
Remember, the right words at the right time can move mountains! Words hold the power to start wars, and the power to stop them. They are also a way to communicate the greatest force of all - human love and compassion. 
I would be glad to help you find the right words for your mission. In that sense - may the force be with you