Speech Writing

Writing a good speech is always a challenge. Attention must be given to facts and details. Whom am I writing for? Who is going to listen? What is the message? How do I get it across? In which situation and context will the speech be delivered?
The talent and effort of the speech-writer and the speech-holder will be subject to judgement right on the spot! The audience's (lack of) reaction is always spontaneous, inescapable and irreversible. 

Here are some speeches I have (co-)written: 

Lord Mayor speaking to Denmark's King and Queen to be. 2009 Danish and German 
Lord Mayor speaks at Alsion, Denmark 2008 Danish

Town President Hans Hermann Laturnus' speech, held at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Minority 2006 (pdf) Danish

The speech was praised by the Danish Church and Education Minister. And the local press put it on their frontpages: Flensborg Avis jpg - Flensburger Tageblatt jpg 

Inaugurational speech by Dr. Lis Nanvers Delft 2003 (excerpt-pdf) English

Mayor Dr. Rainer Heinz' speech, held at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Minority 2004 (pdf) Danish

Lord Mayor Klaus Tscheuschner's speech at the reception of a EU commissioner 2005 (pdf) English 

Mayor Pairat Sittitamrongsawat's speech at the launching of the Pattaya City Guide 1998 (jpg)  English  

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