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See an independent test-assessment
of one of my test translations for a leading motor sports magazine:

Original text to be translated (GER): Audi Avant GER
My translation (DA): Audi Avant DA
The company's grading of my work:
Assessment (very good)

Other samples of my work on this website - translations, articles, speeches and the like.
Here are the links:

Touristic brochure GER-DA about Northern Germany
Touristic brochure about a PR company
Touristic brochure about skiing in Austria
Danish government bill proposal - new act on gambling:
Danish LAW original text (DA)
Danish LAW my translation (ENG)
Danfoss Company EN-GER 75 birthday
Metro Company brochure GER-DA
Poker int. site descr. and content for an int. poker URL
User's manual for a watch
Arge GER German newspaper-article, social/political topic
BT DA Danish newspaper-article, cultural topic
Ånd er magt DA Danish book, guide
Geiger1jpg GER-DA translation, sociology book
Geiger2jpg GER-DA translation, sociology book
Geiger3jpg GER-DA translation, sociology book
Geiger Moral GER-DA translation, sociology book
Videnskab-Wissenschaft DA-GER German and Danish Book
Heinz tale DA Mayor's speech in Danish
Laturnus tale DA Town President's speech in Danish
Laturnus speech GER/ENG  Townpresident's speech in German and English
Motorcyklernes ø DA Danish article on tourism
Journey of the dot1 ENG Translation marketing campaign for printer
Journey of the dot2 DA Translation marketing campaign for printer
Memdos1 ENG Translation pump manual
Memdos2 DA Translation pump manual
Roigold1 ENG Translation automotive
Roigold2 DA Translation automotive
Inauguration Professor of Physics ENG Speech
Respect for Quantity ENG Professor's speech on nano technology
Phuket Diary ENG English article, culture/humour
Golden Hour ENG English article, Thai culture/humour
Golden Hour GER German article, Thai culture/humour
Illustreret Videnskab DA Danish article, cultural/geographical topic
Touristkonzept GER German tourism related campaign
Laturnus Avis jpg Reflection on Town President's speech in press
Laturnus Tageblatt jpg Reflection on Town President's speech in press
Phuket Diary ENG Article, culture/humour
Bog DA Danish book, guide
Tscheuschner Speech ENG Lord Mayor's speech 
Pattaya ENG/GER Mayor's speech, Pattaya, Thailand 

Other than that, you will find my work - translations, articles a.o. - on websites like these: - find my monthly newspaper column here

Some of the professionals I have worked for are:

Alfascan (BE)
Brainstorm (AT)
HK-Uebersetzungen (D)
Kitz Global (AT)
Kolibri (INT).
Probicon (D)
International Communication (DK)
Danfoss (INT).
Lidl (INT.)
Flensburg City Hall (D)
SH Higher Regional Court (D)
Aquarius (NL)
Sysnext (FR)